Joaquin Morodo. 

Joaquín Morodo creates ten artworks inspired by time and space. all of them are inspired by humanism, imbued with the artistic influence of several centuries shaped in the works in a chronological manner. both visually and audioly, the exhibition occurs a space with a journey from the 1500s to the current artístico tendences, from Domínikos Theotokópoulos “el greco”, who worked as the official painter of the spanish court, to Andy Warhol and Basquiat. Dalí, Murillo, De la Croix, DaVinci, Rubens. The reference to Spain is present in every passage, since it is the artist’s homeland.The colour palette is pastel, the reference is magenta and green which are contrasted with all the reds mixed with patches of other colours. 

The technique used is digital art with scanned analogue photographs and paintings ranging from spray, oil and watercolour. The audio path has been constructed constructed by the glaze friendz (a band which J.Morodo figures as a front man) in accordance with the entire visual theme. Each work is linked to an NFT the Humano Project has also an audio derivation. 


Space between us

Summer breeze

Beige is the color


Current: Brera Design District 2022
Roseto Design Square – Corso Garibaldi 95 Milano

Summer breeze

Beige is the color


International Design Award

The Good Design Award

International Award 2019

Brave Design Award